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Give shape to your project and become the one stop center of your market !



Today data are too often in silos regardless it's from internal or external. If the data remain isolated, you won't be able to find the global intelligence. 


Intuinet helps you to create one visualization of any data as long as it is in CSV. It includes the data generated internally from the CRM or collected from your clients and the external data such as an open-source or private database. The power of Intuinet is then to link the data together with no code.

Crossing information would help you to reveal hidden knowledge from your data and visualize obvious patterns.

Tokenize your items to make them available to many sales consultants.

To close a deal, the sales consultant needs a good sales playbook. By tokenizing your offers, we will frame your offers for a specific audience. It will include all your marketing materials, price, sales pitch, audience… By doing that it will be compatible with our exchange place. You can also combine many tokenized offers together.

Manage many sales consultants without any meeting, to save you time. Your tokenized items will be directly accessible in an exchange place.

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Arkanna Tokenization

Arkanna Exchange

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Stop being isolated and fragile in your business. Exchange digital offers to increase your product volume and extend your professional market.

Arkanna affiliate network allows you to exchange your tokenized offers within or cross-industry (inter-professional exchange). By exchanging offers from your partners or outward of your industry territory, you can easily enrich your business globally with multiple solutions and even cross-industry. 


You would certainly generate high income and commissions in a fast, standard, and secured way. Join your peers and become more connected to your market!

Arkanna Store

Time-consuming to detect a potential client and even harder to close a deal? To standardize the sell and buy process in the B2B market, Arkanna is here to bring you into this ecosystem and finally generate a B2B marketplace/exchange place for our members.

Within the marketplace, every member could create their own store and tokenized the services, software, intangible asset for better deployment, then create strategic partners to expand in your market. You can then bring your offers and services together in a smart pooling platform where they are assembled as legos.

Complete your store at Araknna, start to be an active member and flow your business within a click!


Private Distribution Channels


Managing a brand’s image on all distribution channels around the world can be a tedious task.

You can use our platform to manage your private offers within your network, or you are welcome to promote public offers throughout the whole marketplace plus the sales agent network. We have a strict screening system for only inviting partners and sales agents with high credibility.

Either way, we ensure you a secured marketplace with private distribution channels to automate the process of sharing product data across all sales and marketing channels.

Arkanna affiliation/exchange platform is here to generate all the distribution channels for you.

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