Arkanna Cluster

Updated: May 12, 2020

When you are invited to a cluster you can register your own offer. After validation from the founding member your offer will then be visible to all members of the cluster. Each member can distribute all the goods and services which have been added by its members and start selling it to their contacts. If you get invited your host believes that you have the right contacts and/or services for the cluster.

How do I join a Cluster?

To join a cluster you need to be invited by one of its member. You will have then an affiliate code which can be used to register.

How do I sell the goods and services of the Cluster ?

You can use the integrated quote to order system which generates proposal to your clients. It includes a validation mechanism from the suppliers involves, before the quote is sent to the prospect.

What do I gain to add other contacts to the Cluster ?

Each contact that you add will be affiliated to you. Each time they close a deal you might get a commission.

Can I add my own goods and services to the Cluster?

Yes you can connect to the platform and register your own good or service. After validation by the founder of the cluster, your service will be added to it. Every member of the cluster will then be able to distribute it.

Can I add goods and service targeting the B2C ? Offer for the B2C won’t be accepted. The cluster is targeting B2B segment only. Can I invite anyone to the cluster ?

Yes, however the founder and other members will have a visibility on who you are inviting and if their behaviour are not right they can decide to remove them out of the cluster. This is to protect the image of the brands and to select only the profile of people that can have a positive impact on the brands trusting the cluster.

Can I create my own cluster ?

Yes this is a paid feature accessible to premium member only. You can contact for more details.

Do I have any obligation toward the founding member of the cluster?

Yes, each offer that you register to the cluster needs to embed some small part of the service of the founder. As the founder sponsored the cluster it is fair to him that he is involved in each sale. It could be a small part to give a sample of his offer to the client.

Which commission should I give to the cluster ?

It is up to the owner of the offer to decide on the commission given. We advice to be in the market standard given by similar goods and services.

What is the procurement mechhanism ?

It is up to the owner of the offer to decide on the procurement mechanism. Some suppliers wants to have the client purchhase directly from them for responsability, some suppliers prefer to give to the member the right to resell their product. However the commission will always be invoiced by Arkanna and split to the members in charge of the selling process.

Is there any hidden cost to join a cluster ?

It is free to join a cluster. It is on invitation only.

Who train the member on pre-sale activities ?

When registering your offer, you will be invited to create a simple sales Playbook, so each member can self-learn on the method to sell your offer. Up to each member to invite the other member to webinar and other training.

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