Arkanna - beyond CRM, data analysis and Automation to do your Sales Steering and more

1. Challenge seen in the world

With the fast development speed, more and more products have arrived on the market, and more companies are created…

The distribution becomes the most challenging step now in this economy. We need a unique weapon and a change of the narrative to make it works again. CRM alone is not enough.

Here is a new starting trend - Sales Steering. Sales directors and CEOs are all trying to invest in a data analyst to screen valid data, transform the data into valuable reports, and finally support the market analysis and make proper decisions. Afterward, creating distribution channels, pushing the right product to the right audience, find the right partners to develop the channels etc.…

Yet it seems like the proper process but does it need to be so complex?

2. Arkanna solutions

Like we all agreed, big data is obviously useful, but only after you screening and digesting them. And most importantly, combine them from different silos and link them together - Get intelligence from your data.

3. Arkanna tools


Would you like to have a clear picture of all your data?

Intuinet is our proprietary software transferred from one of the best laboratories of data visualization, recognized worldwide. Intuinet helps you to create one visualization of any data as long as it is in CSV. Your data generated internally from the CRM or collected from your clients and externally, such as the open-source or private database. Intuinet is there to link them together with no code.

We provide Intuinet as Saas subscription on a monthly basis. You can mark your interest here, and our consultant will contact you. Learn More

Our data Analyst will use our numerous data sources to generate Technology Landscape and Market Landscape.

Technology Landscape

Our technology landscape is built using data uploads from different sources and different silos. (Open source and professional databases such as for a patent, scientific publication, etc.) Once the data are loaded, they are collected in a unique visualization.

You have then all the data for the R&D roadmap, the decision on investment, support as grant process, and valuation of technology.

Market Landscape

Feel free to use our market landscapes for your sales steering and explore your market. You will have one visualization to see all your competitors, clients, and partners… We can build for you the entire industry (from M&A activities, corporate database, category mapping...) landscapes to give you access to data such as the companies in your sector and the countries where they operate. All your market in one place without data silos.

Arkanna Distribution

However, making the magic gear turn automatically data alone is not enough. You won’t solve your problem with a data insight alone.

To activate its insight, we provide a private Saas platform directly connected to the intelligence. You can tokenize your items, leverage your data intelligence to create distribution channels, and activate your ecosystem to generate the relevant sale.

Monitoring and optimizing your KPI

Furthermore, After the distribution starts gradually, keep monitoring the KPI to get insight and to improve the sales steering of your ecosystem is always necessary.

Understanding your KPI, such as who is your active partner? How many sales agents do they have? Which offers do they distribute from you? How many views of those offer to their clients? How many sales were performed?... to make SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) decision.

Arkanna offers Sales Steering and distribution guide with Data, Automation platform, and KPI monitoring all in one place. We believe we can add value to your business,

For more info and to register your interest, our consultant will contact you. Learn More

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