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Un algorithm pour trouver les bons partenaires en contact avec vos prospects. 

Indirect selling through Distributor is a key strategy for Fast Growing SaaS in B2B

Create and manage your cluster of B2B partners, to conquer new markets.

Together we are stronger

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Arkanna is an online platform with the aim to help your growth in your market space. Thanks to its A.I. and corporate database, you  can spot partners, best offers and prospects which you will need to be more competitive...

A platform to manage a cluster

Gather a network of partners. Each member can resell your offers and add their own to add value for your clients.  

Map of problems and solutions

Our system displays a map of the problems faced by your clients as well as the solutions provided by the cluster.
Based on this, the artificial intelligence will highlight the related problems and solutions, extending your market reach.

Our Artificial Intelligence

Our artificial intelligence uses numerous database of corporate data, patents and semantic matching of problems/solutions from our system.  


Astart up in the digital? With aspirations for international growth? Arkanna can help you with it?

900K SGD (600K Euros) by a family office  in Singapore to be invested in 3 startups


Our clients gained high value by using our system and by having registered to our network. 

Anne M.
CEO of a SaaS company

"Arkanna brought to us 20 distributors in 5 countries within 2 weeks. A successful international expension."

Katty B.
CEO of a SaaS company

"Arkanna did provide a listing of 400 qualified prospects and an interesting partnership"


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